Who Else Wants a Great Home Without the Embarrassment of Being Turned Down for a Home Loan because Your Credit Score?

(You can enjoy the freedom of owning your own home too!)

 You can buy a house even though your credit is bad. That’s right, even if you’ve had bankruptcies, you can still get a house. Let’s face it, you want a house, and you even deserve a house. You could be paying for mistakes from college. Or maybe it’s a divorce that left you nothing. You can still get a home.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one really. We are a real estate company that specializes in getting people into homes who normally can not qualify for a home loan. We know that good people have bad things happen to them. It wasn’t necessarily your fault, or even if it was, you have learned your lesson. If this sounds like you, then you fill out the information below, and we will work to find a house for you in the city and street of your choice. We do not ask for your social security up front, and we don’t ask for money up front. You will be contacted as soon as we find something in your city and preferably near your street of choice.

We want to get you in a home. We want to create a win win relationship where everyone gets what they want.

What’s the cost? Your full name, and the city and street of your choice, and when we do find the house, you will undergo a screening process to make sure that we can work together and that the house will be used in a good manner (no meth labs, no illegal activities).

We do not give home loans, and do not expect you get one when you qualify for our homes. We want to get you a home and believe you deserve to have one even if you have bumps in your credit. It’s time to move out of your mom’s, grandparents, or brother/sister’s home and enjoy the feeling of owning your own home. Your journey starts today by filling out the information below.

We look forward to working with you to get into the house you deserve!